This article was originally distributed via PRWeb.Portland, Oregon (PRWEB) March 05, 2013This spring, KEEN introduces KEEN CNX, a new footwear collection that gives outdoor enthusiasts a low profile, lightweight way to jump, dive and scramble into summer. Just as KEEN's partshoepartsandal Newport brought lovers of the outdoors a new, hybrid way to connect with the outdoors 10 years ago, this new collection from KEEN brings fresh thinking to lightweight footwear while providing the essential KEEN fit and protection. Designed to feel like a natural extension of the foot, each of the 20 CNX styles weighs 10 ounces or less each and was created to take people on brave new outdoor adventures.Available in styles for the waterfront, trail and aroundtown categories for men,giuseppe sneakers   women and kids the CNX styles share the following features to achieve essential KEEN fit and feel:Low profile  The durable midsole with a four millimeter heeltotoe drop positions the foot in a truer stance to the ground encouraging natural movement without sacrificing support or comfort.Tried and true KEEN fit  The underfoot design features a slight ridge under the base of the toes, a contoured arch, and secured heel cup which provides the wearer just the right amount of protection.Simplified upper construction  The simpler design eliminates layers of material for a better fit."We've lightened up an entire line of footwear with each shoe weighing in at less than 10 ounces, but kept the fit and protection that made KEEN famous," said Ron Hill, vice president of merchandising at KEEN.  giuseppe zanotti men If the shoes go too long between polishing, the leather will become dry looking. Most likely, many of the scratches or marks shoes accumulate could have been polished if attended to earlier. If you are looking for a more subtle and softer sheen on your dress shoes, you should apply a leather conditioner periodically that only requires it to be rubbed in and lightly buffed with a dry,giuseppe zanotti shoebaloo   clean cloth.. Yet there is the footwear to be in the 2006 vogue. And that is the ballet shoes! Yes, the ballet shoes may have taken some of you by surprise. But they are actually among the hottest entries of this season. There's one in every company. You know the type; they have their lips perpetually planted on management's backside. Typically, this path is taken because the person has very little to offer. Do run/walk, that will help. A good reference on that is Galloway, he advocates a run/walk system. If the pain persists when running, or especially if it starts to persist after stopping running, go get a gait analysis and/or a doc to take a look. Come to shoe stores online or out of the shoe. Then browse the catalog shoe traffic, you must consider several things before you choose your own road shoes. Your perfect road shoes will depend on several factors such as conformation, shoes, or the size of your feet.